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Zig Design is a freelance web design, development and database consultancy based in Holsworthy,Devon. Offering affordable web hosting and website design whether your project is large or small. Estimates are free and rates are very reasonable.

Tony Hart Music

Tony Hart Music Home Page ImageThis was the first website that I designed in 2001. It has had a few changes and additions over the years and is a mixture of static and dynamic pages.It originally used frames design but due to varied browser support I changed it to css a couple of years ago.
I have scaled down my activities in the music business lately so do not have so many products for sale but still offer support for local bands and musicians.
The vinyl section has information on approximately 5000 singles at present. Cover images are being added occasionally as I find the time.
As of Sept 2010 I have added a small downloads section with some recordings by local bands.

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Dereks Domestics

Dereks Domestics Home Page ImageThis started as an idea for my brother to sell vacuum cleaner bags online and ended up as a totally dynamic e-commerce type website.
It includes stock control and invoicing systems and all the major categories are driven from the stock database so as long as the invoicing is up to date anything on display is available for sale.
This went online in early February 2008 and generated extra sales via Google in the first month.
As a rather ironic footnote although it features a large database of vacuum cleaner spares, we have still not set up online sales for these.

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Holsworthy Business Guide

Holsworthy Business Guide Home Page Image

This is currently an ongoing work in progress as I looked at the current websites covering this and found they were not very comprehensive or easy to navigate and decided to do one of my own.

It has a fairly comprehensive list of Business and Professional services in the area, which is constantly being added to.
Also community services, both voluntary and otherwise are listed.

The object is to make it the place to find out anything about Holsworthy you need to know.Realistically not possible I know, but I'll give it a good try.
At present I am adding local events and items of interest when I get the time.

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L.C. International

LC International Home Page ImageDesigned for a friend who found that so-called DIY web hosting was not as simple or flexible as they were led to believe.
Specialising in holistic courses and products they loved the concept of this design as soon as they saw it and have now commissioned a site for another business.

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Zig Diecast

Holsworthy Blog Home Page ImagePurely a hobby site
Designed in conjunction with one of my hobbies of collecting Matchbox and other diecast models to make information easy to search.
Another database driven site with searches and cross referencing to make things easy to find.
This will always be a work in progress site as extra features and models get added from time to time.

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Meridian Health

Meridian Health ImageMeridian Health is run by Gary and Yvonne Hooper. It offers a wide range of holistic treatments throughout the UK and Europe and is shortly setting up a new centre in Spain.
Designed to look clean and simple but also to incorporate plenty of information and features without looking cluttered.

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ZigPosters ImageZigPosters is a new project of mine. It features a wide selection of vintage advertising posters from about 1890 to the present. including designs by some of the best art nouveau and art deco artists.
It features many images of posters to browse and a few that I have digitally restored and am selling as prints.
It also has a certain amount of information on the artists

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Ardwinnas Arts

Ardwinnas Arts Image

Ardwinnas Arts was designed for a friend who wanted an inexpensive e-commerce website
It features a Buy It Now link to Paypal on each item displayed in the shop area.
The admin section allows adding/editing of stock items, images and category headings.

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Friends of Prayer

Friends of Prayer Image

Friends of Prayer was designed for a friend who wanted an interactive website
It features request and comment pages and also easily changeable prayer pages.
The admin section allows editing/passing of requests and comments and several other features, all designed to be easily usable.

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Other Projects

I have various other projects underway but they are all database driven and it takes time to correlate the information and appropriate images etc.
Watch this space.
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Browser Problems

Getting web pages to display as intended on different Internet browsers can be a real problem.
There has been an agreed set of rules for several years but unfortunately a lot of browsers interpret them differently or get some completely wrong. In my experience Internet Explorer has been the worst offender for this. This posed a real problem as more people use IE than any other browser and a lot of time has been spent fooling IE into displaying pages as intended.
Microsoft seem to have eventually got it almost right with IE7, it still gets some of this page wrong (IE8 seems to get this right), but earlier versions are very unpredictable. Mozilla Firefox and Opera are both free and very good browsers so if you are using a version of IE earlier than 7 it would pay to upgrade to one of these.
A more recent free browser that is becoming very popular is Google Chrome, it seems to be very good despite the fact I had to rewrite a few programs to cope with its popup problem.
Download Firefox here.
Download Opera here.
Download Google Chrome here.
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Development and Testing

I usually develop new programs in Firefox and then check them in Opera 9, Google Chrome,IE7 and IE6 to catch any of these problems.
You would be surprised how many designers don't check this!!
I also often use Lynx (a text browser) to catch any bad links I may have which could confuse the web crawlers, after all no spiders No Google ratings.

W3C Valid XHTML logoW3C Valid CSS logoYou may have seen these logos displayed on some websites. In case you were wondering they indicate that the pages validate for the W3C standard they are written to. HTML (Hyper text markup language) being the language of web pages and CSS (Cascading style sheets) the standards devised to make browsers display pages as they were intended by the designer.
If you would like to find out more about W3C (World Wide Web Consortium)there is a link here.
If you would like to validate a web page they do an online service, click HTML Validate or CSS Validate
I find this service invaluable, On a dynamic web page it is possible to generate 100's of errors from just 1 mistake in a line of code.

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